Standard Sweeps cost from £50 for a Power Sweep or £60 for a Traditional Sweep. The Chimney is sealed and swept : soot cleaned away, Smoke Evacuation Test completed and then advice / certificate paperwork given where appropriate. Please note that the Smoke Evacuation Test is not a Integrity test where the chimney is tested for its suitability to accept a new or replacement stove without the need for a liner. An Integrity Test can be conducted separately. Please ask for details.  

Please allow up to 1 hour to complete the sweeping process. Where delays occur i.e difficulty accessing the chimney / insecure stack or pot / blockage discovered / debris clearance by vacuum cleaner alone, then the standard charge will no longer apply and I will re-quote.

I offer a free maintenance program where I will contact you approximately 12 months after my appointment to remind you that your chimney needs sweeping. (This offer is optional).

Early morning and evening appointments are available on request.

Please note: Appliances need to be cold before sweeping.

Bird Nests. These can be time consuming and messy to remove. If you get a bird's nest I have a standard call out charge of £85 which includes the first hours labour. If the nest is not removed after this first hour I will give a further quote for removal, as they can take a number of hours to remove!! On rare occasions I may not be able to remove them.

Bird Removals From Chimneys. If it becomes apparent that you have a live bird in your chimney I will endevor to remove it for you. A charge of £40 is made for this service and covers the first hours labour. After this, I charge £30 per hour. Live birds can be difficult to remove especially if there is a ledge in the chimney. Sometimes it may not be possible for me to remove them.

Fire Brick Replacement / Repair. I offer a fire brick repair / replacement service for open fires and stoves. If the bricks are cracked I will try to repair them using fire brick cement. Sometimes, this is not possible, so the bricks will need replacing. Provided that there is enough fire brick to detail an outline of the shape, replacement bricks can be formed from fire brick board. Prices for this service vary due to size, shape and complexity of installation. Please ask for further details.

Stove Maintenance /Service. Over a period of time stoves need a little TLC i.e heat bricks need replacement, baffle plates wear, closure plates (the plate sealing the chimney around the flue pipe) can breakdown, door string deteriorates or door glass can become cracked / misted all of which can effect the efficiency of your appliance. These issues can be resolved allowing for many more years of use. A standard service (no chimney sweep) to a wood burning / multi-fuel stove is £40  + parts. (Please note that this does not include GAS appliances. These can be catered for by separate arrangement. Please ask for details).

Installations. I am registered with HETAS so can give you help, advice and even install your appliance to current building regulations for you. I am also able to replace liners, closure plates, register plates and insert / update hearths (including surrounds) to current building regulations. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Chimney Inspections by camera. I am now able to conduct chimney inspections using a special camera. This allows a clear view of the inside of the chimney. I am also able to take recordings of the inspection,  or photographs and send these on to who ever it may concern. This service can be beneficial if you have had bricks falling down your chimney, you have a blockage or there is concern over the state of the chimney i.e. smoke is leaking into other parts of the property or even into other properties. Surveys vary in price depending on complexity and actual requirements. Please contact me for more details.

Weddings. Did you know that having a chimney sweep at your wedding is meant to bring you good luck? I am available for weddings. All prices are quoted subject to availability and individual requirement. Please ask for further details.

Call out charges. If it becomes apparent that the chimney can not be swept, a call out charge of £30 will be levied.

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